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About Us

What we do

IT consulting
Consulting IT
Personalized project requirements
Advisory support in most effective and efficient technologies for your business
Audits in most key areas of your IT Business (SEO, security, infrastructure and UI/UX), our audits will prove that your customers data is secure, your website is SEO-ready.
Business requirements analysis
Web development
Web development
We specialize in creating:
Dedicated Cloud Based WWW Solutions such as CRMs, ERPs and SaaS
Advanced e-commerce projects in both frontend and backend development, user-friendly approach.
Cloud deployment
Cloud deployment
By understanding your requirements we are able to propose cheaper and overall better solutions for your business.
We’re creating cloud-driven products, we can elevate your business to cloud so it’s more scalable, responsive and secure.
Mobile development
Mobile development
User friendly (easy and straightforward), innovative, intuitive, eye-candy and lightweight.
That’s how our mobile app should be.
Our team is able to quickly deliver MVP version of your app both for iOS and Android systems for you to quickly gain benefits of it. Further functionalities are to be delivered in quick successive sprints.
Research & Development
Research & development
With our accumulated experience and knowledge we are able to support your in analysis of your idea for business, even on conceptual level. With us you can save precious time and money much needed for project development. We can partake in technology choosing which will result in better performance and lowered project upkeep.
Deskset - How we do

Your customers is our target:

Let us know your business
so we can know needs of your client

How we do

Collecting and analysis of requirements
By getting familiar with business requirements of our clients and taking our experience, wide technology and know-how knowledge we’re able to provide requested project architecture draft with cost evaluation in under 48h.
Consulting and technology guidance
Basing on business requirements we pick best tools and solutions that will fit just right for your needs, at same same being efficient, secure and highly-available. We choose only proven and reliable technologies that are constantly supported.
Product Design and PoC
Taking your customers into consideration we care about user interface of our applications being clear for user and compliant with well-known UX/UI industry standards. Above key functionalities of our solutions we also provide Proof-of-Concepts.
Our whole development process is based on Agile methodology. We value close partnership with our customers which in turns gives ability to deliver high quality products by giving us more comprehensive, in-depth understanding of business processes.
It’s really important for us that systems work properly, because of that on every stage of development we conduct series of strict tests. Additionally when dealing with more complex, long-term projects and by taking your time and budget into considerations we implement automatic tests suites, those will constantly ensure proper service functionality without any additional costs - that gives happy customers to you.
With our many years of experience we choose right scalable infrastructure in cloud environment. Thanks to using cloud-based solutions we gain guarantees in security and availability. Above that by taking your cost optimization we can easily scale provided infrastructures basing on your needs.
We value highly our customer satisfaction, with constant keeping up in good relations we strive to come ahead of your future needs by guaranteeing after finished projects phase further maintenance and support.
Dekset - For who we do

For companies which wants

  • migrate to cloud
  • quick delivery and MVP
  • expand reach
  • automate business process
  • to have highly-available services